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  • Corporate stationery for Southbank Institute of Technology designed by Lloyd Grey Design
  • Cover of the 2008 program guide for Southbank Institute of Technology designed by Lloyd Grey Design
  • An internal page of a brochure for Southbank Institute of Technology designed by Lloyd Grey Design
  • An external sign at the Southbank Institute of Technology showing the brandmark
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  • south-bank-institute-of-technology-website-design-landing-page-tafe-education-lloyd-grey-design

SouthBank Institute of Technology

Branding education for aspiring minds


When introducing a name change from ‘Southbank TAFE’ and undertaking a major campus renewal as part of a Public-Private Partnership, Southbank Institute of Technology commissioned Lloyd Grey Design to develop the repositioning and rebranding component of its renewal process.


The Institute had become a state-of-the-art training facility with leading-edge technology and wanted to reshape public and industry perceptions by reflecting this brand strength in its image and communications.

Our rebranding process captured the essence of the repositioning with the new brandmark, visual style and tagline ‘education for aspiring minds’. Representing a bridge between technical and university education, the multiple pathways theme was a resounding success with students and faculty alike. Extensive research confirmed it resonated equally effectively with the international and multicultural community.

The new brand was implemented across a wide range of information and marketing collateral, including the Southbank Institute of Technology’s website and new campus signage.The project was supported by the development of a comprehensive identity style guide and new photographic library, ensuring consistent ongoing brand management by the Institute’s marketing department.


The Southbank Institute of Technology now has an image that positions it as a premium education provider, encourages internal pride and dramatically enhances external perceptions.

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