Our capabilities

Lloyd Grey is Queensland’s most awarded and well respected branding and graphic design consultancies.

We have a unique, holistic approach to the development and protection of many of Australia’s most enduring and innovative brands. Our strategic branding work is responsible for the robust and effective marketing output of a wide variety of extraordinary firms around the globe.

We transform businesses through:

Brand Thinking | Brand Creation | Brand Expression | Brand Integrity

  • We skill organisations to extend the boundaries of thought to enable you to design better business outcomes.

    We are there to support your senior management and marketing function with our highest-level creativity support.

    No organisation can afford to have on staff creative professionals of the calibre we have at Lloyd Grey. We can provide that injection of deep design thinking and business creativity to develop creative strategies that solve organizational problems and/or capture business opportunities. The result is amazing business outcomes.

    Lloyd Grey work with you through workshops, seminars, mentoring and meeting facilitation to help you learn how create new options across all areas of your business.

    If you want to grow a business, position your business for sale, hire better people, make better products, enter new markets, keep staff superstars, build brand recognition or streamline how you connect with your market – then an understanding of business creativity and an ability to make it a part of how you do business is vital. We can help you develop this in your organisation.

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    • Workshops and seminars
    • Innovation and creativity coaching
    • Meeting facilitation
  • We are specialists in the provision of integrated marketing programmes.

    We provide business a plan highlighting the right mix of marketing tools that will communicate your organisation’s key messages using both traditional and emerging technologies.

    When you are immersed in the day to day management of a brand, its not easy to keep in perspective all of the parts that affect the whole. Lloyd Grey help you identify areas that need improvement, recognise areas in which your brand is strong and learn more about how your particular brand and organisation is configured.

    We delight in working with you, through interviews, workshops, research and just being generally nosy to develop profitable and sustainable strategies to ensure that you lead the market you operate in. Once we have navigated your environment and delivered you a strategy that helps you to connect and resonate with all of the stakeholders that can positively impact your journey and profitability, then we bring it to life through brand identity, key messaging, organisational culture and company servicescape.

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    • Branding and marketing strategy
    • Positioning strategy
    • Corporate vision and values workshops
    • Naming strategy and facilitation
    • Tone of voice cultivation
  • We find ways to communicate your organisation’s message and personality clearly, imaginatively and effectively.

    Our approach to graphic design is to find ways to communicate your organisation’s message and personality clearly, imaginatively and effectively. We search for the perfect balance between information and presentation that delivers exquisite simplicity.

    We have a collaborative approach to design that is enhanced by relentless attention to detail and a passion for clever visual expression of the nuances of projects. The Lloyd Grey graphic design studio team has an unmatched depth of global and local experience in the design, development and delivery of the full suite of traditional and emerging visual communications tools.

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    • Visual identity development
    • Graphic design
    • Digital and multimedia design
    • Signage and Environmental design
    • Packaging
    • Annual Reports
    • Corporate literature
  • Brand guardianship provides the framework to ensure your brand delivers a consistent experience every time.

    Once the hard work is done we move to the all-important area of brand alignment and protection. Our job is to ensure that your brand and its personality remain dynamic and focused. The work can be tailored to address a wide range of brand interaction scenarios – from how your team answers the phone, graphic design guidelines, how your logo is used on corporate apparel all the way through to how your brand and products are best presented at trade shows. However you touch your market with your brand – we can make it great – first time and every time thereafter.

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    • Branding alignment and protection
    • Brand guidelines
    • Brand and communications audits
    • Social media strategy and implementation