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Combining strategic thinking with creative thinking explains well what we do. Lloyd Grey Design’s approach to brand strategy begins with exploring and developing a deep understanding of the firms we work with – their business structure, their people and the environments in which they operate.

The most important element of any business strategy is to intimately understand the forces at play in the markets and environments in which firms operate, even when that environment changes. We are focussed on arming business with the tools to adapt and evolve intelligently, efficiently and profitably.

To do this we use the principles of design thinking and business creativity to uncover your “purpose” and clarify your “why you exist”. We undertake a brand audit and then, using insights gained, we work closely with your leadership team to engage in a series of prototyping and scenario planning processes, reframing situations, services and products. This collaborative process delivers powerful brand clarity, purity and resonance.

The next stage is to then bring your brand strategy to life. This exciting stage is the manifestation of the brand strategy, where we work with your team to design intelligent ways to communicate your brand purpose and essence to those who matter. Our holistic approach means that at every stage of the branding journey, Lloyd Grey Design’s brand strategists will be focussed on ensuring your brand identity, key messaging, market positioning, organisational culture and your corporate environment to get your message to market in an undiluted way, enabling your business to connect and resonate better than ever before with your clients, teams, suppliers and the world at large.

Our design-led thinking methodology delivers powerful results – creating enriched dialogues and a platform to facilitate ongoing collaboration and long-term partnerships.

To discover how brand strategy and design integration can revitalise your business, contact Tim Grey or Nicki Lloyd on +61 7 3844 6533.

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