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Aesthetic Excellence

A Story in their Smiles – Real stories to inspire the decisive moment


Aesthetic Excellence specialises in Total Mouth Rejuvenation – a combination of aesthetic dentistry and neuromuscular dentistry that transforms confidence and well-being. As well as creating beautiful smiles, Aesthetic Excellence addresses the underlying problems that have often led to a lifetime of troublesome teeth, headaches and related problems. Dr Anne-Maree Cole who owns Aesthetic Excellence is one of Australia’s leading cosmetic dentists and is passionate about both the science and the artistry of her profession. She has created a unique environment in Brisbane for her patients.

Lloyd Grey Design has been involved with developing the Aesthetic Excellence brand over the past few years. As part of the design brief for a total promotional and educational suite of material, Dr Anne-Maree Cole explained that the biggest challenge she faces is to get people to move from ‘considering a Total Mouth Rejuvenation’ to making the commitment to that transformative change. They often procrastinate, wondering if the cost will be worth it and whether they can justify spending a significant amount of money on themselves.

As part of the strategy, Lloyd Grey Design needed to develop a powerful way to reassure people and to persuade them to take that transformative step.


We understood that one of the most convincing ways to reassure people would be to share the stories of some of Aesthetic Excellence’s previous clients. But testimonials on a brochure couldn’t go far enough to convey the unique physical and emotional challenges each client faced and the ways that a new smile transformed their confidence and approach to life.

We developed the concept of a coffee-table book that would celebrate smiles and help prospective clients relate to the real people who had benefited from a Total Mouth Rejuvenation. The quality and spirit of the book also needed to reflect the uncompromising quality of the Aesthetic Excellence approach.


‘SHARE OUR STORIES. SHARE THE JOY OF A BEAUTIFUL SMILE’ is a compelling window into four ordinary lives that underwent an extraordinary transformation through Dr Anne-Maree’s skill. A mixture of natural lifestyle photography and concise interviews blends with gorgeous translucent divider pages and inspirational quotes to give every prospective client something to aspire to. An insight into Dr Anne-Maree’s own story takes her out of the realm of impersonal dentist and conveys her passion for her work. Dr Anne-Maree Cole is delighted with the way the book is working to build trust and to inspire prospective clients to make the journey of transformation.

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Everyone on the LGD team should feel very proud not only for what was achieved but for the manner in which everything is handled at all times and for belonging to such a Category of One company – you are the gold standard by which all others will be compared.

Director, Aesthetic Excellence