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Attune Hearing

The Sound of Success


Attune was a Queensland-based Hearing Services firm originally called Queensland Hearing. Their next strategic initiative was a move into multi-site retail across several states. Consequently they wanted to adopt a positioning that would create a deep emotional connection with both doctors referring to the service and patients requiring the service. Their concern was that their current name and visual identity suggested they were a government body with little or no personality. Oh and just to make things interesting, the rules for the development of a new brand identity and name for Queensland Hearing included little hurdles including that the new name needed to start with A and it needed to be easy for hearing impaired people to say, sign and lipread.


We conducted a significant consumer behaviour study that revealed to us Whys and Hows behind doctor’s choice of a hearing services firm for their patients plus a study of the decision making process of clients who choose their own hearing services provider. We also worked very closely with the Queensland Hearing team to gain insight into how successful hearing treatment outcomes could change patient’s lives.

We developed a meaningful and sustainable strategy for the repositioning of the brand highlighting the Brand Gap that Queensland Hearing could fill and ways they could claim that gap as their own. From there we completed a renaming process that resulted in the selection of Attune, we designed a new visual identity that encapsulated who Attune was and what they had to offer plus we developed a suite of business development tools that made referring patients to Attune the obvious choice. Last but definitely not least we created a Brand Bible that offered Attune easy to understand guidelines on how to protect their valuable brand identity and market positioning.


The renaming and brand identity development was a raging success. The Attune name has become an industry leader in the Australian market for successful hearing interventions, the Attune brand now graces over twenty seven retail locations and this retail presence is slated to experience similar growth again over the next 48 months. Referrals from Doctors using the business development tools developed as part of the process have increased dramatically and the future SOUNDS very bright for Attune.

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Our entire company is so proud of our new identity and I am starting to see the changes that the brand and its positive message is having in our organisation.

Strategic Marketing, Sales and Communications Manager, Attune Hearing