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Dental Members Australia

Smiles All Round for DMA


Dental Members Australia (DMA) is a dental patient payment management specialist. The owner of this new entrant to the dental payment market was keen to shake up the industry by offering clients something better. Competitors in the Australian market are finance providers and banks but DMA is run by a dentist who understands the dental payment planning landscape and is passionate about bringing a new patient/payment plan provider/practitioner partnership model to the marketplace.

We were contacted by DMA to develop a brandmark and identity that highlighted to both dental patients and the dentist community the unique value of the DMA offering. The brandmark and accompanying website, brochures and corporate stationery needed to be simple, fresh and accessible, while communicating to patients DMA’s passion for the achievement of dental health and wellness. This was a challenge because due to the financial nature of the product, much of the text is necessarily dry and driven by legal requirements.


Lloyd Grey created a meaningful and striking logo and visual identity for DMA. We achieved this by working closely with DMA management to gain a comprehensive understanding of this emerging product category. We reviewed the impact cost has on the frequency of visits to a dentist, what influences their selection of a dentist and how dental costs factor in a family’s budget decision making. What emerged was that dental patients wanted to feel that they, their dentist and their dental finance provider were all working together to maximize their dental health. It was important they felt the finance firm really understood them and their unique dental and general health needs.

From this critical information the DMA brand identity was born. The brandmark communicates the partnership between, patients, their dentist and DMA and how that partnership can result in great dental health outcomes.

Once we were sure we had captured DMA’s brand essence, we worked with DMA to roll out the brand across a wide variety of visual communication mediums. This included a series of consumer brochures, custom photography, website development, dental partner engagement software interface design and corporate stationery.


DMA’s market entry has exceeded the director’s expectations. The DMA team are thrilled with their new visual personality and the response to the DMA launch has been positive with market take up well ahead of budget projections. Dentists are loving the concept which means that the collateral and brand focus has hit its mark.

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I have never before appreciated design as much as I do now. I think Lloyd Grey has created a brand for us that is so representative of what I wanted to achieve.

Director, Dental Members Australia