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  • A photo of the Good Morning Cereals packaging design by Lloyd Grey Design
  • A photograph of the Good Morning Cereals Stationery designed by Lloyd Grey Design

Good Morning Cereals

Brand and product packaging

The Challenge

Good Morning Cereals is a small business run by Michael and Jill Allwright who come from a farming background and are passionate about pure, simple food. In 2003, they bought Good Morning Cereals, which specialises in puffed organic grains sourced from Australia farmers wherever possible. They supply the health food store market and other manufacturers who use them as ingredients in a range of products. These nutritious cereals are ideal for people with food allergies as well as those who simply want a wholesome breakfast.

When Michael and Jill took over Good Morning Cereals, the range didn’t have any brand identity and the packaging was functional but little more. The Albrights wanted to make the product their own and were keen to reflect the values that they would instill in the business. They also wanted to move away from supplying supermarkets and concentrate on building loyal relationships with health food stores, manufacturers and farmers that care as much as they do about the quality and purity of food. Jill admits they knew nothing about branding but were impressed by an article on what Lloyd Grey Design had achieved for Mother Meg’s.

The Journey

We worked closely with Michael and Jill to get a real sense of who they are and where they wanted their business to go. Exploring the philosophy of organic food was important. Understanding the loyalty and passion that inspires this food niche was even more so. Once we had really connected with the unique qualities of their business, we developed their logo, stationery, packaging and promotional materials. Our mission was to reflect the simple purity of country goodness but in a welcoming, contemporary way to appeal to the growing numbers of people who seek out quality local produce that leaves only the lightest of footprints on the environment.

The Destination

Michael and Jill were absolutely delighted with their brand look and feel – even more so when they started receiving comments like ‘sensational’ from retail buyers and when sales started to reflect their positive new presence on the shelves. They say it made them feel really good about their brand and inspired them to get out and keep building their business. For Good Morning Cereals, it was just the beginning of an ongoing relationship with Lloyd Grey Design – a partnership that continues to help them express who they are and to evolve to even greater things.

This solution was awarded a Finalist in the Australian Graphic Design Association 2004 Awards and a Commendation Award in the 2004 Design Institute of Australia Awards (Queensland).

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When we took over the company we felt like we were presenting someone else’s product. The change in branding really made it ours. It reflects our quality premium product and creates a totally professional image. Lloyd Grey Design are brilliant – we are really pleased to work with them. They put so much into everything they do. We feel that we belong to their family of brands – and it’s good to feel that you are working with people who have a genuine interest and involvement with your business.

Director, Good Morning Cereals