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Leading decision support and risk management company InterDynamics had an innovative suite of products that had grown organically with different service areas operating independently in their markets. In 2010 it identified a growth opportunity in unifying its products and services and clearly identifying them under the InterDynamics umbrella. Lloyd Grey Design was appointed to develop a coherent brand strategy and brand architecture appropriate for the company’s leading position in national and international markets.  A new website, stationery and datasheets were amongst the first applications of the new brand.

The challenge

Lloyd Grey needed to capture the common themes across all of InterDynamics key business areas and connect them to create a unified brand. It was important to reflect the company’s holistic approach – a balance of logic and empathy, which had originally been expressed in ‘yin and yang’ symbolism. It was also vital to be distinctive in a marketplace dominated by blue and grey corporate imagery.

The journey

Lloyd Grey Design worked with InterDynamics to clearly articulate the company’s unique value to clients and to develop far-reaching and meaningful interpretations of their foundational yin-yang philosophy. This process revealed InterDynamics’ multi-dimensional approach in navigating complexity to produce practical solutions. From this understanding of their ability to penetrate and manage the complex interdependence of organisational networks, a new abstract graphic style was born.  The symbolic representations of systems-thinking were artfully created using a program that renders graphics from mathematical equations. These were then further enhanced by Lloyd Grey Design to build a vibrant and distinctive visual language.

The destination

Within the emerging expression of clarity from complexity, Lloyd Grey Design developed new brand architecture to give each product and service a distinct, related style within the brand family. The visual representations from the red, orange and yellow spectrum stand out with warmth and confidence. The company’s original logo was also refreshed to complement the contemporary interpretation of company values. Finally the new brand strategy was rolled out in the website and communication material to tell a compelling story of InterDynamic’s capabilities in empowering positive change for major organisations.

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