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Maryborough Sugar Factory

Growing a sustainable future


Maryborough Sugar Factory (MSF) is a sugar cane based agricultural company with a history stretching back to 1886. The company is based in Queensland and has been listed on the Australian stock exchange since 1956. Over the past few years, it has entered a dynamic new phase, restructuring, growing assets and increasing its influence in the Queensland sugar industry. To help reflect its growing stature and professionalism, MSF appointed LGD to produce its 2009 annual report.


MSF had previously produced their annual report inhouse but wanted to explore the possibilities that strategic design offers to create a more effective communication tool for shareholders, customers and other stakeholders. The brief was to create a professional report that reflected the company’s growth and its operations in farming, milling and trading, as well as to convey the year’s key facts and figures effectively.

We researched the company in detail and familiarised ourselves with the important events in its year before starting to develop a conceptual approach. By using strong imagery and a graphic representation of land parcels, we built a distinctive visual style that helped to convey the company’s size and confidence. Generous use of MSF’s corporate yellow encouraged brand recognition and gave the report a welcoming warmth as well as an association with the golden glow of success. Through intelligent use of graphs, bold quotes and colour, we ensured the report was accessible to readers and reinforced the important messages of the year.


The annual report presented a professional image that supported MSF’s growth and conveyed confidence against the backdrop of a strong global sugar market. MSF felt the design and concept of the report added significant value to their communication and to perceptions of their company.

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It has been a pleasure working with the team at LGD on the design and production of our 2009 Annual Report. Your creative approach and commitment to quality have resulted in a document which has drawn considerable positive investor feedback for both its content and presentation.

Company Secretary, Maryborough Sugar Factory