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Moreton Bay College Video


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Moreton Bay College (MBC), one of Brisbane’s most successful girls’ schools has an enviable reputation for both academic and extra-curricular achievement. In 2011, Lloyd Grey Design helped to rebrand the college and created a compelling prospectus that illustrated the new tagline –
‘Breadth of Mind. Depth of Heart.’

In 2012, as an extension of this work, MBC wanted to translate their prospectus through video to give prospective parents an evocative glimpse of college life and drive enrolments.

The challenge

A sustainable enrolment cycle is something all schools work diligently to maintain, and parents face significant pressure when selecting the most appropriate school for their children. So how do we better communicate MBC’s unique offering in a highly competitive market and drive enrolments?
A school is so much more than the subjects on offer, impressive facilities and successful graduations. The essence of a school is on the faces of its pupils, in a helping hand or a momentary triumph in mastering a new skill. It is demonstrated in what real parents say about their child’s experience and by what motivates the teachers.
To successfully capture the essence of Moreton Bay College on film, Lloyd Grey Design needed to identify all those heartfelt moments that give a genuine insight into what the school feels like.
We also wanted to capture spontaneity and emotion without looking staged and scripted. In two short films – one a 3-minute short and the other a 13-minute documentary, we needed to say it all and leave a lasting impression.

The journey

During the original branding and prospectus work, Lloyd Grey Design had already developed a huge respect for the college’s approach and a deep knowledge of what makes it so special. To translate this into film, we needed to explore the relationships, routines and challenges that are part of school life and define the moments that make positive, enduring memories.

The short film was conceived to generate understanding and emotive connections without words, while the longer film builds on the first film footage plus unscripted interviews to capture real words from real people and touch the hearts of other parents concerned about giving their daughter the best education and experience that she will cherish her entire life.

A perfectionist eye went into each stage of producing the videos – from developing the ‘story’ to casting real students in scenes, from defining cinematic style to choosing music – and always waiting for the priceless moments when smiling faces say it all.

The destination

The two videos give a genuine glimpse of what it feels like to be a student at Moreton Bay College and showcase the facilities girls enjoy there. The approach captures the essence of the school with its focus on expressing both ‘breadth of mind and depth of heart’. From a moment of pride when a young girl pins a badge on her uniform to the warmth of the Principal as she talks about the school, parents can share a multi-dimensional experience.

The college will use the videos on their website, at expos and open days to continue to build awareness of what sets them apart and attract more parents, students and families to the school.

View the video >

The team at Lloyd Grey Design really embraced this project and helped to create an incredibly powerful enrolment tool for Moreton Bay College, aimed at attracting parents and families to our school.

We were impressed by Lloyd Grey’s vision and the creative ways they translated the MBC brand essence into a beautiful piece of film that genuinely touched our hearts. We are already seeing a return on the investment through a swelling of school pride and are hopeful it will lead to increased enrolments and stronger stakeholder relationships both within the MBC and wider school community.

Angela Bailey, Marketing Manager, Moreton Bay College