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  • Photo of Liver Love packaging designed by Lloyd Grey Design with statement "The vibrant petal-like design represents the full 360 degree spectrum of NTS products".
  • Packaging for NTS products including Liver Love, Coco Shield, Mag Sorb and Bio Bubble designed by Lloyd Grey Design

Nutri-Tech Solutions

Online Success Through Branding


NTS Health is an online health store offering unique natural health food and nutrition supplements dedicated to optimal wellness and vitality. Our design challenge was to develop a compelling branding solution that captured the contemporary vitality of the product to maximise site traffic, wholesale orders and online conversions.

This solution needed to clearly communicate the product’s credibility, quality and health and establish their superior innovation capabilities.


Lloyd Grey worked with NTS Health to identify, develop and refine the brand values. We took the opportunity to investigate NTS consumer behaviour, explore the customer’s buying triggers and how we could then create a positive emotional response in both wholesale and retail customers to drive purchases. This offered valuable insights into the emotional response of buyers looking for a pure, trustworthy brand to enhance their vitality and wellness. Our concept evolved from the idea of radiance and used warm natural colours and shapes in a distinctive and contemporary way. The vibrant petal-like design represents the full 360 degree spectrum of NTS products, different segments of the design are then used to group and colour code the sectors of the product range.


Adam Sait, Human Health Manager, reports that the success of the project has well and truly exceeded expectations. The online channel is now a key distribution area for NTS Health. This is of great benefit as it is a direct route to the consumer, delivering the maximum margin to NTS and increasing the overall profitability of the company. Not only is the branding now a true reflection of who NTS Health is and what they stand for, but the advantages of the new branding flows straight through to the company’s bottom line. A great result for NTS Health and another outstanding example of the value of partnering with Lloyd Grey Design to achieve organisational goals.

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Lloyd Grey Design have given us a brand that truly reflects who we are. They went out of their way to help and did everything professionally and perfectly on time. I just wish we’d done this a whole lot sooner!

Human Health Manager, Nutri-Tech Solutions