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  • Lloyd Grey developed a truly integrated brand based on the aligned value and offering of the group – transformation
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  • Lloyd Grey developed a truly integrated brand based on the aligned value and offering of the group – transformation

QMI Solutions

QMI Solutions is a leading partner for business and has four major divisions that support excellence in industry and manufacturing: QMI Productivity and Improvement, AIC (Australian Institute of Commercialisation), ICN (Industry Capability Network and MSQ (Manufacturing Industry Queensland). Beginning in 2012, Lloyd Grey Design worked closely with QMI to explore the organisation’s capabilities, challenges and potential, which created a deep foundation for a strong, fully-aligned rebranding solution.

The challenge

QMI Solutions’ network of specialised business units, each with its own corporate identity, presented a significant branding challenge – how to unify the group under a single brand proposition and tell a whole-of-company story while retaining each division’s individuality?

Understanding the capabilities of the different divisions and the relationships with diverse stakeholders, including government and universities, was vital to creating an integrated brand proposition that captured the different aspects of QMI’s value to the business community. Flexibility to incorporate future growth targets and long-term potential was also important to creating a solution of lasting relevance.

Once the strategic understanding was fully developed, the creative challenge began – a further unstinting process of exploring language, associations, imagery, colour and graphics to resonate with the unique character, capabilities and aspirations of QMI and its ‘Journey to Excellence’.

The journey

The first step for Lloyd Grey Design was facilitating a number of internal and external stakeholder engagement workshops to probe perceptions of QMI and get a deeper understanding of its organisational mission, vision, core purpose and values.

Engagement with QMI’s key stakeholders was essential to forming comprehensive insight and clear perspective. These stakeholders included the Queensland Government Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE), Queensland University (UQ) and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

The brand discovery sessions highlighted that each division is dedicated to empowering business to achieve more. The different divisions all leverage QMI’s collective knowledge and connect QMI clients with the expertise they need, whether it is to be found within the group or through its external partners.

The unique business proposition and strategy that emerged out of the discovery stage were then translated into a powerful brand language and a striking graphic that visually unites the group. With strong colours and bold juxtapositions, it represents transformation and QMI’s multi-faceted gateway to collective wisdom, energy and innovation. The tagline ‘Empowering Business. Connecting Expertise.’ captures the underlying mission of all the business units and articulates QMI Solutions’ value to industry.

The destination

The result of the branding process is an intelligent, durable and internationally-focused brand solution, which is based on sound strategy to take QMI into the future. It enhances the presentation of QMI as a world-class organisation offering quality, innovation and credibility.

The brand strategy needs to be consistently reflected in all marketing and communication material so Lloyd Grey Design also helped implement the strategy with a website review and redesign, redesign of the capability brochure, corporate stationery, e-templates, newsletters and banners, and a range of other marketing initiatives. A corporate style guide and comprehensive range of templates were also developed to enable the QMI marketing team to manage the brand and maintain its integrity across all applications.

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