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Safe Food Queensland

Making Science Palatable


Safe Food Queensland (SFQ) is one of the most advanced and forward-thinking food regulators in Australia.

Safe Food Queensland appointed Lloyd Grey Design to design and produce an engaging, informative, ‘coffee table’ style book to educate key stakeholders and the public on the importance of best practice in food preparation and handling techniques. As well as complementing its serious subject matter and factual information, it needed to be accessible and thought-provoking.


Lloyd Grey Design titled the book ‘Food Matters’, and created a series of intelligent visual metaphors using original line illustrations and photographs to communicate the content in a dynamic way. We used our skills in literature development to create a publication that immediately made a meaningful connection with the book’s target market.

The facts of food safety were transformed into an elegant and enticing read. To complete the theme, the book was packaged and delivered in a mock pizza box, with the vent hole revealing the book cover inside and a graphic representation of a slice of pepperoni doubling as bacterial cultures growing in a Petri dish.


Safe Food Queensland was delighted with the outcome of the Food Matters book. It is a tempting and appetizing read – not an indigestible institutional meal of bland facts. The clever packaging ensured that recipients engaged immediately with the book’s information so take up of the publication’s key messages far exceeded management’s expectations.

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The elegant and clever layout, photography and illustrations developed by Lloyd Grey brought both simplicity and innovation to the complex world of food safety and its regulation.

Marketing Manager, Safe Food Queensland