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SignManager Brand Video

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SignManager specialises in streamlined sign management including planning, managing and implementing projects on any scale, from a single site to a nationwide network. SignManager’s lifecycle-approach to signs delivers a significant advantage for clients, at every stage from corporate branding to maintenance.

After successfully rebranding SignManager and re-establishing their position as market leaders,
Lloyd Grey Design was engaged to create a results-oriented brand video showcasing the SignManager ‘advantage’.

The challenge

The Signmaster brand video not only needed to showcase the new brand but also had to tell a concise but compelling story in a format suitable for use in a variety of settings including online, at conferences and during sales meetings. For many potential clients, this video might be the first impression of SignManager so it was essential it quickly demanded attention, created a very positive impression and related to the audience’s needs and concerns.

The journey

To develop the script and approach for the video, Lloyd Grey Design needed to build SignManager’s brand story to the next level of detail. We facilitated lively and focused brainstorming sessions to coax out the important facts and key advantage messages so we could create a cohesive and convincing presentation to Signmanager’s potential clients.

Building on the fresh and simple graphic illustrations created for the website and corporate profile, we then developed a storyboard and script to tell the SignManager brand story. Once the script was approved, Lloyd Grey Design brought the project to life, creating animation, music and voice-over in collaboration with QMG, our production partner.

The destination

This versatile sales tool communicates SignManager’s brand story, value proposition, and unique personality in less than two minutes. Distinctive brand animation engages and sustains the viewer’s attention, creating an instantly effective way to convey the essence of SignManager’s brand values and advantages. With sales successes already achieved as a result of the video, we have been asked to recreate it with an American accent for the US market.

View the animation >

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Tim Grey and his team of specialist staff showed incredible insight in understanding our business and progressively developed a clear and distinctive way to communicate our story to our target customers.

The most recent extension was the completion of a 2-minute animated video. This enables our prospective customers to gain an immediate introduction to our business in a way that’s far easier to consume than traditional text-heavy material.

Whilst we have only just rolled out our new image, the results are immediately noticeable with a measurable uptake in responses to new customer presentations.

Kevin Gordon, SignManager