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An intelligent approach. A significant advantage.

The Challenge

SignManager is a signage consultancy, responsible for the project management (planning, managing and implementing) of signage projects on any scale, from a single site to a nationwide network. With unrivalled industry expertise, an approved contractor network and a world-leading, web-based management system, SignManager have the capability to deliver intelligent lifecycle solutions and best market value. Their problem was that they looked like a signage manufacturer and despite their unique service offering, they looked like everyone else.

With the increase of traditional sign manufacturers offering project management services, Lloyd Grey’s challenge was to clearly differentiate SignManager in an increasingly competitive market. Although SignManager have a history of long-term client relationships, in a market where price is often a deciding factor there was a need to clearly communicate the benefits of a single-source signage procurement partner to their existing and potential customers.

The other challenge was to clearly communicate SignManager’s unique and integrated process, which is one of their competitive advantages.

The Journey

Lloyd Grey went through a rigorous discovery process to determine the “Brand Gap” for SignManager and identify the opportunity to establish a differentiated leadership position in the market through an intelligent and engaging brand story with a strong client focus. There was an opportunity to be more memorable and engaging and talk to procurement professionals in their language.

We gained deep understanding of SignManager’s current and potential client base to understand what is most important to them – and we discovered that it extends beyond the physical sign. It is actually how their signage connects with it’s audience. It was all about connecting Aldi to the shopper, Domino’s to the hungry and Fosters to fun times with friends. SignManager had an opportunity to be THE authority for the client on visual messaging and helping their clients achieve the most intelligent, efficient and enduring solution possible. That long-term vision is enormously valuable to their clients.

We collaborated with the SignManager leadership team to identify their unique selling propositions and built a pathway to deliver that to their clients.

Our approach was a visual one – SignManager operate in a visual industry – and we proposed the use of clever visuals and information graphics imbued with a strong, unique personality. Their process was articulated through an infographic to powerfully articulate their offering.

Lloyd Grey identified SignManager’s primary point of difference. Their clients are not just buying project management, they are buying a long-term partnership that gets things done, takes the pain away, grants access to information, cost-savings, peace of mind and ultimately more time to get on with their jobs. For client that represents “a significant advantage”. This information was used as a barometer to guide the communication to best bring the sustainable competitive advantage to those who needed to know in order to make an informed signage decision.

The Destination

The result has been a highly differentiated, engaging brand that clearly and succinctly communicates SignManager’s point of difference and delivers their unique benefits in a sophisticated, smart and quirky manner. SignManager now have a successful platform to build an enduring brand and remain relevant, be seen as innovative and secure market dominance.

The touch points we worked on to deliver these messages include corporate stationery, website, marketing collateral, campaign illustrations and photographic library development.

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