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Building and protecting dreams


Suncorp is one of the largest general insurance groups and fifth largest bank in Australia. The company’s different divisions cover a range of financial services including general banking, wealth management and investment management. Its well-known brands include AAMI, GIO, Apia, Just Car and Shannons.

Lloyd Grey Design has produced Suncorp’s annual report before, but never before has there been a year like 2008-09, which challenged Suncorp (and other Australian financial institutions) with the triple-whammy of global financial crisis, Victorian bush fires and Queensland floods. Suncorp wanted an open and honest account of this unprecedented year and an approach that helped stakeholders to understand the impact on company performance and the hard work done to meet the exceptional circumstances and to care for the needs of policyholders who faced hell or high water during the year.


The client’s brief called for a timeline of annual events and an honest delivery of stakeholder stories from different perspectives. Firstly, we created a three tier graphical timeline to clearly show the interrelationship between global events, national events and Suncorp’s response, providing a clear context for decisions and results. Secondly, we organised genuine ‘real life’ photographic portraits of the affected people whose stories were being featured in the report. The stories included those of insurance assessors and case managers, bank managers and community members, shareholders and Board members. Overall, the effect provided a sincere dialogue between company and stakeholders, letting the corporate strengths of loyalty, perseverance, longevity, endurance and sustainability shine through.


The annual report convincingly explains the challenges of the year with a sense of realism and humanity. Through the individual stories, stakeholders were given an insight into both the corporate and personal responses that were elicited by the unpredictable circumstances. While the report acknowledged stakeholders concerns, the context helped them appreciate the short-term nature of the difficulties and to share in the hope that was spontaneously expressed by the contributors. In total, the report created a sense of resilience and reinforced the overarching brand message that ‘now more than ever, Suncorp are here to help customers build and protect their dreams’. The report received high praise from the Board of Directors for its effective response to the challenges.