• Lloyd Grey Design Corporate Culture
  • Lloyd Grey Design Corporate Culture

Corporate culture

Lloyd Grey Design is more of a state of mind than a place to work. We empower our teams to make a lot of their own decisions, because we are confident in their abilities and intuition. We have this confidence because we take the time to hire the right people. People who fit our brand, who are the best in their field and who share our passion for helping businesses become extraordinary.

Life is a lot of fun at Lloyd Grey Design because we have a team of amazing people working on amazing jobs in an amazing environment. But there is a serious side as well. We are lucky enough to be entrusted with shaping the future of our client’s businesses and organisations so we need to make sure we give those projects the care and attention they deserve.

Here at Lloyd Grey we appreciate what an amazing resource we hold in our people. So we continue to bring them fantastic projects they can get their teeth into, we commit time and energy to internal professional development and also provide the team with an annual bursary for self-selected professional development.

Our close knit team is a sucker for a good cause and you are likely to find members of the Lloyd Grey team offering their time, energy and funds to a variety of great causes. We are involved with St Vincent De Paul’s CEO Sleepout, Salvation Army’s Wishing Tree Appeal, UNICEF, Mummy’s Wish and the Variety Christmas Appeal to name only a few.