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A significant advantage – communicating Signmanager's unique and integrated process

SignManager is in the branded asset management business working with many of Australia's most well loved and recognised brands including Aldi, Suncorp and Virgin. Whilst they are arguably the best in the business – many of their current and potential clients didn't understand the term 'Branded Asset Management' and how that service can add value to their business.

Our challenge was to leverage the 'Branded Asset Management' by creating a compelling visual brand story to succinctly communicate SignManager's deep expertise, knowledge and innovative approach. Here is a snapshot of our journey with SignManager to date. Our next stage is to codify their internal brand proposition. Watch this space...

Ton is our resident Creative Technologist. A talented designer and digital nut, Ton's role is to work with our clients to help them create, design and implement a compelling digital brand and product awareness strategy for their business. The future of branding lies in the digital space and if you can imagine it, Ton can design a pathway to bring your brand to life in the digital realm in a way that is cost effective, powerful and game changing.

Brisbane's Wesley Hospital recently made a strategic decision to boost maternity admissions through the introduction of some additional clinical resources, a new postnatal environment and day spa services for inpatients. In order to achieve their admission goals, the Wesley needed to reposition their maternity offering as the hospital of choice for expectant mothers, by differentiating and leveraging the overall 'experience' rather than marketing the maternity department.

The Wesley engaged Lloyd Grey Design to develop a micro website and compelling brochure to help them achieve this. We worked to develop a bespoke maternity look and feel that complemented the Wesley Hospital brand while communicating the family focus and high standard of care and attention afforded to Wesley mothers and mothers to be.

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The feelgood factor is alive and well at Lloyd Grey. The last three months have seen so many members of the team helping out those in need. We are thrilled to be working pro bono on the development of a new brand identity to be released later this year for fantastic Brisbane based charity Mummy's Wish, our guys served as Support Crew for the Oxfam Trailwalker and our crazy GM Serena again hit the concrete for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout. Bring on the good Kharma as our crew deserve it!

Brand personality is a set of human characteristics associated with a brand. These characteristics help your target markets to build an emotional connection with your organisation. Emotional connections have the ability to be customer centric, can build strong relationships and let you tell the story of your brand in a way that encourages customers to get and stay close to you.

Building effective brand personality is tricky – but all the research supports that if you get it right it has great influence on consumer preference and usage – improving your business’ bottom line, market positioning and brand “stickiness”.

Talk to us today about how we can help articulate your brand essence and communicate an enduring and engaging brand personality. Reap the rewards of letting your customers know the REAL YOU.