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Our approach

A key player in the Australian creative industry since 1993, Lloyd Grey Design is an internationally recognised brand creation and graphic design consultancy. Our approach and breadth of skills across the branding, marketing and communications space means the work that we do with our clients can truly be considered a transformational programme – not a project.

Lloyd Grey are the experts in designing your business’ future. We are passionate about the development of holistic branding solutions that empower you to connect with your world and deliver solutions that resonate in a meaningful way with your customers, your people, your supply chain, the media, governments and other sources of influence so they collectively know who you are and what value you hold for them.

We are passionate about discovering your firm’s unique brand promise and bringing that to life with integrity and honesty. Our specialist creative teams across the graphic design, digital and communications space, conceptualise and bring to life the best ways to share your brand story with your target markets.

This is where working with Lloyd Grey is unique – because the strategy team responsible for the development of your brand story and strategic pathway remain closely connected and involved throughout the implementation process, continuing to deliver fresh insights on the brand implementation journey. This holistic process ensures that your brand promise continues to improve in rigour and efficacy all the way through the roll out process, offering you a stronger, more resilient brand, more capable of working for you to overcome organisational problems and capitalise on opportunities.

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The Lloyd Grey team really have reached the highest pinnacle of greatness with this. Truly a masterpiece that captures our essence, strikes emotion, communicates effectively and wow, what creativity! All I can say is that I am truly stunned and thanks, thanks, thanks! And we are just beginning.

Chairman and CEO, Best Doctors Inc, USA