Why do we ask so many questions? The best results come from genuine empathy for our clients and their customers – empathy can only grow from knowledge and understanding.

Tim Grey

Tim Grey

Director | BA(Hons) MDIA
Brand Strategist / Designer


Influenced by an early career working for design industry leaders and blue-chip companies in London, Tim has continued to push the boundaries of design-thinking and to champion its power to achieve business objectives. When he co-founded Lloyd Grey Design with Nicki Lloyd in 1993 he was determined that this company would take a leadership role in the industry and would bring world-class standards to clients large and small. Many successes and awards later, he can justifiably claim to have achieved that goal and continues to bring insightful business analysis and creative originality to complex branding and design projects.

Expertise and perspective

Tim believes that we are all a product of our experiences and knowledge and that, the more we are exposed to, the more understanding we have to draw on to create deep and targeted responses. He has certainly demonstrated that himself in creating strategic and effective brand development and design for a wide range of companies across diverse sectors. While mentoring CEOs and senior managers in the power of design-thinking to solve their business challenges, Tim is also still a craftsman and enjoys the opportunity to work hands-on creating unique illustrations, timeless design and impeccable typography.

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