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i want my business
to grow and

If you want to design your business’ future so you are best positioned to take advantage of opportunities and fend off challenges, then your brand needs to be strong, dynamic and reflective of who you are and what you stand for!

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how can i keep my
brand safe in a
tough market?

Brand Guardianship is a major issue in today’s consumer landscape. It is often at branding execution that things go wrong and your all-important message gets diluted. Lloyd Grey can help you to ensure that whenever a current or potential client connects with you, your brand story is consistently effective in telling your story.

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it's not easy to articulate
my company’s vision

Many firms are convinced that their story is so different and complicated that it can never be communicated well through branding. Lloyd Grey are the experts in taking a firm’s personal story and distilling that information into a exquisitely simple brand promise that resonates with your market.

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To succeed, firms need to have brand consistently on the management agenda. Lloyd Grey offers firms assistance to make this process effective, simple and profitable.

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we have great products.
why aren’t my customers

Consumers today are bombarded with messages for an unprecedented number of products from huge variety of sources. In order to achieve cut through, your product offering needs to be unique and desirable, your message succinct and appealing and your branding able to quickly connect with whom it needs to.

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Transforming business

Nothing is more important than your brand. It defines you in the marketplace and is not only the hook by which you obtain initial interest in what you do, but also how you grow and maintain relationships with those customers and stakeholders identified as valuable to your business.

Your brand should be the benchmark against which you measure every corporate decision – the sign of a great brand is one that infuses every area of your business. From the packaging to the posters, from the receptionist to the Chairman of the Board.

Working with the experts at Lloyd Grey means you have experienced experts who will offer you creative and intelligent branding solutions that will give you – great sales figures, increased market opportunities, increased profit, access to the best people, the best raw materials, the best business partners, the best finance options and potentially even increased governmental assistance. Your brand and accompanying strategy are the keys to a sustainable business future and Lloyd Grey is here to help you achieve that.

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In the first financial year in which I launched the Lloyd Grey packaging, our sales rose a phenomenal 120% from the previous year. The year after this growth has continued at 40% on 2002 sales. I have no hesitation in saying that their design was a critical factor in turning my business around.

Owner and Managing Director, Mother Meg’s Fine Foods